Philips Norelco Series 9000 Beard Trimmer – Achieve Any Length and Style with Unmatched Precision

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Take your facial hair game to the next level with the Philips Norelco Series 9000 beard trimmer. Advanced features like steel self-sharpening blades, BeardSense technology, and a zoom wheel with lock-in length settings give you the tools to create any beard style with unmatched precision.

Precise Trimming for Any Length or Style

The Series 9000 beard trimmer features self-sharpening steel blades and BeardSense technology to cut each hair perfectly, preventing irritation. The blades stay sharper for more efficient trimming even through thick hair. Spin the zoom wheel to lock in any length from 1/64″ to 25/64″ in precise 0.2mm increments. The reinforced trimming guard combs catch cut hairs for an even trim every time.

Consistent Power for Faster Trimming

The advanced lithium-ion battery delivers unrelenting power for top performance and speed through the thickest hair. A 1 hour charge provides 2 hours of cordless runtime. The battery level indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge.

Get Exactly the Look You Want

Between the steel blades, BeardSense technology, and zoom wheel for customizable length settings, you have total control to create any style. Fade your beard seamlessly from long to short. Maintain a perfect stubble length. Keep crisp lines and edges. This trimmer provides the precision to make your vision a reality.

100% Waterproof

The Series 9000 beard trimmer is fully waterproof, making it easy to trim in the shower if desired. The waterproof functionality also makes cleaning effortless – simply rinse under water.

Premium Accessories for a Complete Trim

Everything you need for a professional trim is included. The blade oil ensures the trimmer glides smoothly across skin for comfort. The premium travel case protects the trimmer and conveniently stores attachments.

Expert Guidance with Beard Styling App

Unsure what style you want or how to achieve it? The exclusive Beard Styling app by GroomTribe shows you more than 14 beard styles in augmented reality so you can visualize them on your face. Step-by-step instructions walk you through how to use the trimmer to create your chosen look.

Tame Any Beard with Ease

The Philips Norelco Series 9000 beard trimmer makes achieving your ideal facial hair style easy, whether that’s subtle stubble, a rugged mountain man beard, precise lines and edges, or anything in between. The advanced features allow you unprecedented control for salon-quality results at home.

What You Get

Series 9000 Beard Trimmer with Steel Blades

Zoom Wheel with Length Settings

Reinforced Trimming Guard Comb

Charging Stand & Cord

Blade Oil

Travel Pouch

2 Year Warranty

Love Your New Look or Your Money Back

We stand behind the Series 9000 beard trimmer. If you aren’t fully satisfied with the precise trimming results, return within 60 days for a full refund.

Take precision and control of your facial hair to the next level. Order the Philips Norelco Series 9000 beard trimmer today!


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