Philips Norelco Quick Clean Pod Cartridge – Hygienic Shaver Cleaning Fluid for Fresher, Longer-Lasting Shaves

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Keep your Philips Norelco electric shaver performing like new and get up to 10x deeper cleaning power with the Quick Clean Pod Cartridges. Each pre-filled cleaning cartridge provides a simple, effective way to clean, lubricate, and freshen your shaver when you need it.

Deep Hygienic Cleaning

The exclusive Philips Norelco formula and multi-grid filter work together to actively capture cut hairs and eliminate them from your shaving head. This removes built-up grime from repeated shaving for up to 10x better cleaning performance versus water alone.

Active Lubrication

Specialized lubricants in the cleaning fluid coat the shaving heads to actively protect them from wear and friction. This keeps the heads gliding smoothly for optimal closeness and comfort, extending your shaver’s peak performance.

Alcohol-Free Formula

The cleaning fluid is completely alcohol-free and designed to be gentle on skin. Your face stays refreshed and comfortable after every use without irritation from drying alcohol.

Fresh Scent

A light, pleasant fragrance leaves your shaver smelling clean with a freshly shaved scent. It’s a nice finishing touch you’ll look forward to after cleaning.

Convenient Pre-Filled Cartridges

Each self-contained cartridge comes pre-filled with cleaning fluid so you don’t have to measure or mix anything. Just insert into your Philips Norelco click-on shaver cleaning unit and let it do the work.

Up To 30 Cleans Per Cartridge

One Quick Clean Pod Cartridge provides up to a full month or 30 shaver cleans. Simple replace when empty for continued cleaning and lubricating ability. Use in conjunction with replacement shaver heads for best performance.

Improves Shave Quality

Built-up hairs and friction degrade shave performance over time. Deep cleaning and lubrication with the Quick Clean Pods keeps your shaver’s cutters sharp and surface smooth for consistent closeness, contour following, and skin comfort.

Easy to Use

Cleaning your shaver is as simple as clicking on a pre-filled cartridge and pressing a button. The handy cleaning unit handles the rest for you, so maintenance takes minimal time and effort.

Longer Lasting Shaver

Regular cleaning and lubrication minimizes wear on your shaver’s internal parts. This keeps all components functioning optimally for longer-lasting quality and performance you can rely on.

Cost-Effective Upkeep

The Quick Clean Pod system provides an affordable, mess-free way to maintain your electric shaver. Convenient cartridge delivery ensures you never run out of fresh cleaning fluid.

Don’t settle for subpar shaves from a dirty, worn out razor. Keep your Philips Norelco shaver performing like new with Quick Clean Pod Cartridges. Order a 2-pack today!

What’s Included

2 Philips Norelco Quick Clean Pod Cartridges

Each cartridge lasts for approx. 30 shaver cleans

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Love Your Shaver Again or Your Money Back!

We stand behind the cleaning power of Quick Clean Pods. If you aren’t fully satisfied, return within 30 days for a full refund.


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