Philips Norelco OneBlade – Trim, Edge, and Shave Any Length of Facial or Body Hair

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Achieve any hairstyle with the revolutionary Philips Norelco OneBlade. This versatile electric groomer can trim, edge, and shave off any length of hair – even through dense beards and long stubble.

Trims Even Long Hair

The unique OneBlade design easily cuts through long, uneven hairs that clog up traditional trimmers. No need to pre-trim longer hairs first. It shaves it all in one efficient step.

Contours to Your Face

The dual-sided blade effortlessly follows the contours of your face, allowing you to trim and shave with control and comfort. The smooth glide prevents irritation.

Sharp Lines and Edges

Create immaculately styled facial hair with crisp edges and lines. The dual-sided blade allows you to trim in either direction for extra precision.

Adjustable Combs for Stubble

Attach any of the 3 included combs for an even stubble length. Choose from 1mm for 5 o’clock shadow up to 5mm for short beard.

Wet/Dry Versatility

Shave in or out of the shower with shaving gel or foam for extra lubrication. Or use dry for convenient touch-ups. It delivers a smooth shave either way.

Cordless Freedom

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 45 minutes of runtime per charge. Trim and shave anywhere, no outlets required. Fully recharges in just 1 hour.

Built to Last

The durable OneBlade lasts for up to 4 months of use. For optimal performance, replace the blade every 3-4 months.

Easy to Clean

Simply rinse the OneBlade under water after each use. Keep your shaver hygienic and working like new with minimal effort.

Subscribe & Save on Replacement Blades

Choose Subscribe & Save when ordering replacement blades to save up to 15%. Automatically receive new blades right when you need them!

Upgrade your grooming routine with the versatile Philips Norelco OneBlade. Order yours today!


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