Philips Norelco Bodygroom Replacement Foil Head – Restore Peak Performance to Your Bodygroom

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Keep your Philips Norelco Bodygroom trimmer and shaver performing like new with this replacement foil head. Designed specifically for Philips Bodygroom models, this high-quality foil replaces dull or damaged foils for renewed grooming efficiency.

The hypoallergenicPhilips foil uses advanced SkinGlide technology to follow the contours of your body, preventing irritation from cuts and nicks. The rounded edges glide smoothly over the curves of your chest, back, arms, underarms, abdomen, shoulders, legs and groin for the ultimate trimming and shaving comfort.

Built to move multi-directionally, the dual-sided foil lets you trim and shave body hair in either direction for optimal control and precision. Experience a close shave and precise trim on any body zone without compromise.

Replace the foil on your Bodygroom trimmer or shaver every 12 months as part of regular maintenance. A worn foil loses its sharpness, resulting in tugging, pulling and irritation. Replacing the old foil restores a close, even trim and ultra-smooth shave.

Designed specifically for the following Philips Norelco Bodygroom models:

Bodygroom Series 7000 (BG7030, BG7040, BG2040)
Bodygroom Series 5000 (BG5025)
Bodygroom Series 3000 (BG2030, BG2040)
Bodygroom Series 1000 (BG2026, BG2022)
Benefits of Replacing Your Bodygroom Foil:

– Restores a Close, Comfortable Shave – Sharper blades provide a smooth, non-irritating shave.

– Enhances Trimming Performance – Precise, even trimming of body hair.

– Prevents Skin Irritation – Glides smoothly over body contours without tugging.

– Promotes Efficient Grooming – Cuts hair effortlessly for time savings.

– Maximizes Battery Life – Reduces drag on blades, preserving battery power.

– Extends Shaver Lifespan – Regular replacement maintains peak efficiency.

– SkinGlide Technology – Rounded edges prevent nicks, cuts and irritation.

– Hypoallergenic – Gentle on sensitive skin.

– Dual-Sided Precision – Trims and shaves in either direction.

– Easy to Install – Just snap on the replacement foil.

For optimal performance, use the Philips Norelco Bodygroom foil head in combination with the HQ110 cleaning spray. The alcohol-free formula helps remove residue and debris from the shaver foils and combs. Simply spray the solution on the shaving heads and rinse under water. Regular cleaning improves shaving results and extends the life of your Bodygroom.

Replace the foil every 12 months as part of your Bodygroom grooming routine. Dull foils make grooming uncomfortable and inefficient. With a new foil, you’ll get the close, refreshing shave and precise trim you expect for flawless grooming results. Choose genuine Philips Norelco parts to keep your Bodygroom shaver performing at its peak.


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