Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 – The Ultimate Showerproof Shaver & Trimmer for a Refined Body Grooming Regimen

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Achieve a polished, well-groomed physique with the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000. This exclusive electric shaver and trimmer delivers unmatched precision for manscaping and full-body grooming, even in the shower.

The Bodygroom 7000 features a unique dual-sided design to tackle all your body grooming needs. It includes a cordless trimmer to tame and trim body hair to your ideal length. Adjust the zoom wheel to select from 5 lock-in lengths from 1/8 inch to 7/16 inch for customized trimming.

The integrated shaver is equipped with SkinProtection technology and self-sharpening blades that gently follow your body’s contours. Get a close, comfortable shave without nicks or irritation on the chest, abs, back, shoulders, underarms, and sensitive areas.

Built with Aquatec technology, the 100% waterproof Bodygroom 7000 can be used wet or dry for optimal convenience. Take it into the shower for efficient grooming on wet skin and hair. The anti-slip rubber grip provides a steady, controlled grip when shaving or trimming with gel or foam.

The powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 80 minutes of runtime for multiple full-body grooming sessions. Charge it up in just 1 hour. The intuitive LED display indicates battery level, cleaning alerts, and travel lock status.

Key Features:

Dual-sided shaver and trimmer
5 length settings from 1/8 to 7/16 inches
Skinprotection technology
Wet/dry waterproof design
80 minutes cordless runtime
Travel pouch included
The Bodygroom 7000 makes it easy to achieve the well-groomed physique you want. Here are some of the top reasons this 2-in-1 shaver and trimmer is a must-have for men’s body grooming:

Dual-Sided Versatility

Tame, trim, and shave all body zones using the integrated trimmer and shaver. No need to switch between tools.

Adjustable Trimming Lengths

Customize your trim length by selecting one of 5 settings on the zoom wheel.

Skin Protection System

The rounded combs and self-sharpening blades prevent nicks, cuts, and irritation.

Wet & Dry Convenience

Built to be used on dry skin or with shaving cream for optimal flexibility.

Cordless Freedom

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 80 minutes of runtime.

Showerproof Design

Take your grooming routine into the shower with the waterproof Bodygroom.

Ergonomic Rubber Grip

The non-slip grip allows superior control when trimming or shaving wet areas.

Hypoallergenic Foil Shaver

The foil shaver prevents skin irritation for smooth shaving comfort.

LED Display

Shows battery level, travel lock and cleaning indicators for ease of use.

Storage Pouch

Keep your Bodygroom secure during travel and storage.

Experience the most precise, refined body grooming results with the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000. Its innovative dual-sided design simplifies manscaping and full-body grooming, from chest hair to sensitive zones. Look polished and well-groomed at all times with customized trimming lengths and an ultra-close shave.


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