Philips Bikini Genie Cordless Trimmer – For Gentle Bikini Line Grooming

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Tired of razor bumps, cuts and irritation when grooming your bikini line? This Philips Bikini Genie gently trims and shapes sensitive areas for smooth, comfortable results. The cordless design is perfect for precise touch ups at home or on the go.

Designed for Sensitive Bikini Skin

Unlike harsh razors, the Bikini Genie is specifically created to remove bikini hair gently and comfortably. The hypoallergenic trimmer blades protect against nicks, scrapes and ingrown hairs.

The unique open-ended design allows you to see what you are trimming for optimal control. Easily shape and define edges along the bikini line for a tidy, well-groomed look.

Trims Wet or Dry

No need to hop in the shower! This bikini trimmer can be used on dry skin when you’re short on time. The adjustable combs prevent the blades from touching skin.

Or, lather up with soap and water for a more comfortable wet shave. The waterproof trimmer safely grooms wet, slick skin without irritation. Go dry for convenience or wet for a smoother finish!

Cordless Freedom

As a battery-operated trimmer, the Bikini Genie can go wherever you do without hassling with cords. Easily reach all areas of your bikini line whether at home, in the gym locker room or while traveling.

No need to be next to an outlet or charger. Simply toss in your purse or bag and trim whenever needed, anywhere. The included drawstring pouch keeps it safe.

Travel-Friendly and Compact

The petite, lightweight design takes up minimal space in your toiletry bag, making it the perfect travel companion. Never worry about unwanted bikini hairs while on vacation again!

No bulky charger base or cords are required. Pop in the included AA batteries and take it anywhere for precise, personalized trims.

Trimming Made Easy

Achieving a well-groomed bikini line is quick and easy with the Bikini Genie:

  1. Wash and thoroughly dry the area to be trimmed.
  2. Select the desired trimming comb attachment.
  3. Gently trim in the direction of hair growth.
  4. Rinse the trimmer under water to clean between passes.
  5. Apply moisturizer or soothing gel when finished.

Repeat as needed for upkeep between waxing or shaving sessions. Use the mini shaver for an extra close, smooth finish.

Added Shaving Head

The mini shaver attachment lets you go beyond just trimming longer hairs. It gently shaves remaining stubble down to the skin for silky smoothness.

The protective comb attachment ensures the shaver safely floats over curves to prevent nicks and cuts. Finish off your trim with a few passes of the shaver head for flawless results!

Maintain a Well-Groomed Bikini Line

No more painful, irritating razor burn or ingrown hairs! This Philips Bikini Genie removes unwanted bikini hairs comfortably and precisely.

The compact, cordless design lets you trim and shape your sensitive areas at home or anywhere on the go. Achieve the tidy, well-kept look you want without the hassle and irritation.

Kiss nasty razor bumps goodbye and experience personalized bikini grooming with this gentle, convenient trimmer designed just for women’s delicate needs!


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