Philips Beauty Series 5000 – Electric Facial Hair Remover for Women

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Tired of tedious plucking and waxing to remove unwanted facial hair? This Philips Beauty Series 5000 gently whisks away fine hairs on the upper lip, chin and cheeks with no pain or irritation. The compact, cordless design lets you touch up your face anytime, anywhere.

Gentle Yet Effective Hair Removal

The intelligent Micro Ridges glide across delicate facial skin, removing the finest peach fuzz and coarser hairs with ease. The hypoallergenic foil surrounds each hair to lift it smoothly in one swift motion.

There’s no pulling, pinching or irritation like with tweezers or wax strips. Just seamlessly smooth skin in seconds! The self-sharpening blades stay effective hair removal session after session.

Designed Just for Women’s Facial Hair

Forget men’s shavers – this facial hair remover was created specifically for dealing with women’s fine, vellus hairs. The wide, curved head fits all facial contours to catch every stray hair or baby fuzz.

The unique 360° foil gently guides each tiny hair into the cutting mechanism. Both flat-laying and less visible hairs get whisked away painlessly.

Touch Up Anywhere with Cordless Convenience

Thanks to the battery-powered design, this facial hair remover goes wherever you do for quick touch ups on the go. Keep it in your purse for discreet use in the office bathroom before an important meeting.

Toss it in your gym bag to fix fuzziness after a workout, or bring it along on vacation for easy hair removal away from home. No cords or chargers required!

See Every Hair with the Built-In Light

The convenient inner LED light illuminates your face to reveal even the finest, lightest hairs that are nearly invisible. With the help of the light, you can check for any subtle fuzz you may have missed previously.

The built-in magnifying mirror lets you spot stray hairs in hard-to-see areas. Together, the light and mirror help guide you to hair-free perfection.

How to Use This Facial Hair Remover

Achieving flawlessly smooth skin is quick and easy:

  1. Wash and thoroughly dry your face.
  2. Press the ON button to turn on the remover and light.
  3. Gently glide the foil across areas of unwanted hair growth.
  4. Rinse the head under water to clean out hairs between passes.
  5. Finish by applying moisturizer or makeup.

For best results, go over each area several times against the grain of hair growth. Remove battery after each use.

Compact & Discreet

The petite, lightweight design easily fits into purses, suitcases or drawers for storage. Take it anywhere without awkward bulges or cords.

The included protective cap slips over the shaving head to keep the foil clean and undamaged. Touch up whenever, wherever – your secret hair removal companion!

Dermatologist Approved

This Philips hair remover is gentle enough for even sensitive skin types. Dermatologists and beauty experts recommend it as a safe, non-irritating method of whisking away facial hair.

No more red bumps or inflammation from tweezing. The hypoallergenic foil prevents pinching and ingrown hairs. Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without the pain!

Beautifully Hair-Free Skin Awaits!

Banish unsightly upper lip and chin hair instantly and painlessly. This dermatologist-approved electric hair remover whisks away facial fuzz in seconds for flawlessly smooth makeup application and touchably soft skin.

No more plucking out one hair at a time. This gentle, effective facial hair remover erases hair effortlessly. Look photo-ready anytime thanks to the compact cordless design!


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