Philips 3 Replacement Blades for OneBlade – Keep Your Shave Sharp & Smooth for Up To a Year

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Stay looking sharp with the Philips QP230/50 3 Replacement Blades for the OneBlade. Slip on a fresh blade every 4 months and enjoy a close, comfortable shave that looks clean and stylish.

Long-Lasting Sharpness

Each replacement blade for the OneBlade lasts up to 4 months, giving you a year’s supply of sharp, precise shaving when used as directed. The advanced blade is designed to cut hair cleanly and comfortably without tugging or pulling, even through longer strands and dense growth.

Fits All OneBlade Models

Compatible with every Philips OneBlade handle, these replacement blades click into place easily. Just pop off the existing blade and snap a new one on when the usage indicator arrow turns orange or your shave starts to feel rough.

Versatile Trimming & Shaving

Maintain your chosen facial hairstyle with ease thanks to the dual-sided OneBlade design. Use the precision trimmer side for edges and details. Then flip to the shaver side to get a close, smooth shave – even on longer hairs up to 3mm.

Wet & Dry Use

Shave in or out of the shower with the waterproof, rinsable OneBlade. Apply shave gel or foam for extra skin comfort, or get a convenient dry shave. The contour-following shaver handles all hair lengths and types.

Skin-Friendly Shaving

The OneBlade isn’t like conventional razors – its gentle dual protection system helps shield skin from nicks and irritation. A smooth glide coating reduces friction while the rounded shaver tips prevent scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each OneBlade replacement blade last?

With regular use, you can expect approximately 4 months of shaving from each Philips blade. For optimal performance, change the blade every 3-4 months.

Do the replacement blades fit all OneBlade models?

Yes, these universal Philips QP230/50 blades are compatible with every OneBlade handle, including older and newer generations. They click into place easily.

Can I use shave gel with the OneBlade?

Absolutely! Using shave gel, foam or cream helps the blades glide smoothly across your skin for a comfortable shave. The OneBlade handles both wet and dry shaving.

How do I know when to change the blade?

The OneBlade handle has a usage indicator arrow that turns orange when it’s time to swap in a fresh blade for the best shave. Change blades about every 4 months.

Is the OneBlade waterproof?

The OneBlade handles are fully waterproof, so you can shave in the shower. Use gel or foam for extra comfort. Rinse thoroughly after each use.

Can I use OneBlade on sensitive skin?

Yes, the dual protection system with rounded tips and smooth glide coating make OneBlade suitable for sensitive skin. Always moisten your face and use gentle, circular motions.

What’s in the Box

3 x Philips OneBlade Replacement Blades

Key Features

Long-lasting – up to 4 months of use per blade
Fits all OneBlade handles
Dual-sided with shaver & trimmer
Wet & dry use
Skin-friendly shaving
Replacement reminder indicator
Give your Philips OneBlade an easy tune-up with this 3-pack of replacement blades. Slipping on fresh blades every 4 months helps keep your shave feeling comfortable. Stock up on replacement blades and enjoy consistently smooth, even results.


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