Ownest Eyebrow Styling Magic Soap Kit for Natural 3D Feathery Brows

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Get perfect defined brows with the Ownest Eyebrow Styling Magic Soap Kit! This all-natural soap shapes and sets your brows for a full, natural feathered look that lasts all day.

Sculpt Beautiful, Natural-Looking Brows

The clear eyebrow soap in this kit lets you style and define your brows just how you like. Simply apply with the angled brush, sculpting and filling in any sparse areas. The nourishing soap formula adheres brow hairs in place for a natural, fuller shape with gorgeous texture and volume.

Waterproof, Smudge-Proof, Long Lasting

Once set, the eyebrow styling soap keeps your brows stay perfectly groomed from morning to night. The waterproof formula ensures your brows stay put rain or shine. No smudging or fading throughout your busy day. Even during workouts, this sweatproof brow makeup keeps brows looking fab.

Conditions Brows for Healthier Growth

Not only does the soap shape your arches, but it also conditions brow hairs promoting healthier growth. The nourishing ingredients strengthen and improve hair follicles so brows can grow thicker and fuller naturally. No more sparse over-plucked brows!

Soft, Natural Ingredients

This eyebrow kit contains only natural, organic ingredients that are gentle on skin. It’s free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, colors, and foaming agents. The mild, non-irritating formula won’t cause redness or leave residue. It’s designed specifically for sensitive brows and skin types.

Perfect Primer for Any Brows

Use this shaping soap before pencil, pomade or powder for longer lasting brow makeup. Whether you have thin, sparse brows or thick, untamed arches, it grooms any brow type with ease. The feathered look works for all face shapes. Get bold brows or subtly defined arches.

Simple to Use

Tame unruly brows in just minutes! Start by dipping the angled brow brush into the pomade. Brush through brows in short strokes, sculpting and filling in gaps. Then use the spoolie to blend for a natural look. Set brows with the clear soap and watch your arches stay perfectly groomed all day.

Kit Contains

Eyebrow styling soap pot
Angled brow brush
Brow grooming spoolie
Instruction manual
This brow styling soap kit has everything you need for picture perfect natural arches. Ditch brow pencils and powders that disappear by noon. Get all day wear and defined, fluffy brows with this nourishing soap. Order now and say goodbye to sparse brows for good!


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