OPTASE Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Wipes – The Natural Solution for Dry, Irritated Eyes

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Tired of constantly battling dry, irritated eyes? Looking for an effective solution made with natural ingredients? Search no more – OPTASE Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Wipes are specially formulated to cleanse, soothe and restore comfort to your eyes.

Nourish and Soothe Tired, Dry Eyes

OPTASE wipes contain a gentle concentration of tea tree oil and chamomile combined with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. This powerful blend offers instant relief for tired, dry eyes while nourishing the delicate skin around your eyelids and lashes. Tea tree oil’s natural antibacterial properties help tackle eyelid debris and excess oils that can cause irritation. Chamomile and aloe vera provide a soothing effect, reducing inflammation. And hyaluronic acid attracts and retains moisture, keeping your eyes properly hydrated.

With regular use, OPTASE wipes will have your eyes feeling refreshed, healthy and comfortable all day long. No more dryness, stinging or constant urges to rub your eyes. Just pure eye relief.

Preservative-Free with Natural Ingredients

What you won’t find in OPTASE wipes are harsh preservatives, dyes, fragrances or other irritants. Our formula contains only natural, gentle ingredients designed specifically for the delicate eye area. Whether you have sensitive eyes or simply want a cleaner option, you can trust OPTASE wipes are free of chemicals that could further aggravate your eyes.

Produce Healthy Tears and Reduce Eye Irritation

Excessive dry eye symptoms like stinging, burning and watery eyes happen when your eyes aren’t producing enough quality tears. OPTASE wipes help stimulate healthy tear production to lubricate, wash away debris, and protect your eyes from environmental irritants. As your eyes stay moisturized, symptoms of dryness and irritation will start to fade. You may even notice less eye redness since rubbing will become unnecessary.

By keeping eyelid debris and excess oils in check, OPTASE wipes allow your natural tear film to work effectively again. Experience long lasting relief from dry eyes and resume normal eye function.

Large Textured Wipes for Thorough Eyelid Cleaning

Cleansing your eyelids is crucial for combatting dry eyes, but many wipes are too small and flimsy for the job. At 5 x 7”, OPTASE wipes provide extra surface area to thoroughly cleanse along the full eyelid margin and lashes. The textured side lifts dirt, oil and dead skin cells that block Meibomian glands. Simply flip to the smoother side to gently wipe away debris. No more frustrating swipes with small, thin wipes that can’t get the job done right!

With 20 wipes per box, you’ll have plenty for convenient daily eyelid hygiene. Keep some handy at home, work and in your bag for fresh, clean eyes anytime.

Complete 3-Step Dry Eye Relief System

OPTASE wipes are part of the expert recommended OPTASE system – a complete eyelid hygiene regimen to relieve dry eyes from the inside out.

Step 1 Nourish: OPTASE Gel formulated with lubricants to moisturize and protect eyes overnight.

Step 2 Cleanse: OPTASE Tea Tree Oil Wipes to cleanse eyelids and remove debris.

Step 3 Soothe: OPTASE Mist to refresh eyes throughout the day.

Used together, these 3 simple steps will help tackle the root causes of dry eye including Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. With cleaner eyelids, retained moisture and protection from irritants, you’ll be armed to fight frustrating dry eye symptoms.

Experience complete relief when you incorporate OPTASE Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Wipes into your daily eye care routine. Ditch those small, flimsy wipes that can’t get the job done. OPTASE wipes are specially designed to cleanse, nourish and soothe tired, dry eyes. The natural formula combats irritation and stimulates healthy tears for fresh, comfortable eyes all day long. Order your box today and say goodbye to dry eyes for good!


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