NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer: Add Sparkle That Stays Put All Night

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Ready to take your look to the next level with show-stopping sparkle that won’t budge? NYX Professional Makeup’s Glitter Primer is the secret to creating eye-catching glam that lasts. This light and creamy formula preps lids to grip glitter securely, preventing fallout so you can rock dazzling glitter eyes with confidence.

Glitter shadow can be messy and unpredictable. Without a quality primer, pesky glitter flecks end up all over your face instead of staying put on your lids. NYX Glitter Primer tackles this problem with an advanced formula that lets you build bold, brilliant glitter looks that withstand dancing, dining, and everything in between.

No more toning down your glitter game for fear of glitter downfall. Just smooth on the Glitter Primer before applying NYX glitter shadow or loose glitter, and those vibrant specks will adhere securely from the moment you walk out the door until you take your makeup off. The velvety primer gives glitter something to cling to, while allowing eye shadow colors shine.

NYX Glitter Primer Benefits:

  • Maximizes glitter impact for show-stopping sparkle
  • Holds glitter firmly in place all day and night
  • Prevents fallout and migration around the eyes
  • Light, creamy texture blends smoothly
  • Intensifies color vibrancy of glitter shadows
  • Extends wear time of glitter looks
  • Cruelty-free, vegan formula

Dazzle This Season with NYX Glitter Looks
NYX Glitter Primer allows you to create next-level holiday glam looks that sparkle from cocktail hour to closing time. Sweep the primer across lids before applying NYX Pigments or NYX Glitter Goals Glitter – two of our most beloved formulas for loose glitter application. The primer keeps every speck locked into place, even if you’re dancing under twinkling lights all night long.

Or try layering NYX glitter shadows over the primer and build up the sparkle factor with NYX loose glitters on top. There are so many festive ways to work glitter into your holiday makeup when you have a primer that gives it serious staying power.

Glitter for Every Occasion
NYX Glitter Primer isn’t just for elaborately glittery looks. It also helps tame glitter fallout when using glitter shadows for everyday wear. If you love incorporating a fun pop of glitter into your daily makeup routine, this primer helps keep those pesky flecks away from your cheeks. Just apply all over the lid before using any glitter eyeshadow with fallout issues.

The primer can also be applied just along the areas where shadows tend to crease and fade. Use the applicator to swipe it precisely on the eyelid fold and in the crease before applying glitter shadow. This will prevent annoying migration of glitter throughout the day.

How to Apply for Flawless, Stay-Put Glitter

Prep lids – Start with clean, dry lids and apply your regular eyeshadow primer for a smooth base.
Apply Glitter Primer – Use the applicator to sweep primer all over your lids up to the brow bone. Let it dry for 30 seconds.
Add Glitter Shadow – Use a flat, dense brush to pat on NYX glitter eyeshadow. Apply it while the primer is still a bit tacky.
Build as Desired – For extra sparkle, pack loose NYX glitter directly over the shadow. Patting works better than sweeping for maximum adherence.
Finish the Look – Add liner, mascara, and your favorite lip color to complement your dazzling NYX glitter eyes.
Your glitter is guaranteed to stay in place with no fallout all day and night thanks to the unbeatable gripping power of NYX Glitter Primer. Create show-stopping holiday glam and glittery looks for every occasion that truly shine with zero mess.

Cruelty-Free Sparkle You Can Feel Good About
NYX Professional Makeup is certified by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. We never test any of our cosmetics on animals. You can rock wildly glittery looks, knowing your sparkle comes only from NYX quality, artistry, and innovation.

Explore the NYX Professional Makeup Difference
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