NueDerma Brow Seal Clear Eyebrow Gel – Long-Lasting Brow Styling Wax for Perfectly Groomed, Natural-Looking Brows

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Achieve picture-perfect, natural-looking brows that stay put all day long with NueDerma’s Brow Seal Clear Eyebrow Gel. This innovative eyebrow styling wax provides a strong, flexible hold that keeps brows in place without flaking or fading. The clear gel formula allows you to groom and define your brows with a feathered, fluffy look that appears subtly polished.

Unlike stiff, crunchy brow gels, our Brow Seal glides on easily and dries down softly. The custom wand applicator lets you brush brows upwards and outwards, sculpting them into the shape you desire. Once dry, the brows remain movable and touchable – never stiff or crunchy. This lightweight wax seals and separates each brow hair, creating definition and fullness that lasts up to 24 hours.

NueDerma’s Brow Seal truly elevates your natural brow game. Use it alone to tame and tint brows for a low-maintenance, everyday look. Or, apply it over eyebrow pencil, pomade, or powder to lock in color and create extra hold. The clear gel formula complements any hair color seamlessly. Whether you’re blonde, brunette, gray or vibrantly neon, this versatile wax has you covered.


Feathered Brows: Mimics the look of brow lamination with a flexible hold that lifts hairs up and out. Defines and separates each hair for a fluffy, natural look.

No Flaking or Stiffness: Glides on clear and dries to a transfer-proof finish that never appears flaky, stiff or crunchy. Hairs stay touchably soft.

Long Lasting: Waterproof and humidity-resistant formula provides lasting hold for up to 24 hours. Stays put from day to night.

Easy, Mess-Free Application: Custom wand deposits the perfect amount of product exactly where needed. Formula goes on slick and dries quickly.

Works for All Hair Colors: Clear gel complements all hair colors seamlessly, from platinum blonde to jet black.

How to Use:

Start with clean, dry eyebrows. Brush brows upwards and outwards into the desired shape.
Twist open the Brow Seal’s wand applicator. Dip lightly into the gel formula.
Using short, light strokes, apply Brow Seal wax directly onto brow hairs following their natural growth patterns.
Brush brows upwards and outwards as you coat hairs from root to tip.
Use the opposite end of the wand to groom hairs as needed. Let the formula dry completely.
Seal and set brows all day by applying a second coat if desired.
For best results, apply NueDerma Brow Seal as the last step of your brow routine. Use after pencil, pomade, powder or tinting to lock in color and shaping. The waterproof formula lasts for 24 hours of wear or until removed with makeup remover or cleanser.

Brow Styling Tips:

For Fuller Brows: Brush hairs straight up and apply Brow Seal wax to boost volume. Let dry brushed upwards.
For Feathered Brows: Brush hairs outwards as you apply wax. Arrange into a soft, fluffy shape.
For Laminated Brows: Brush hairs up and out, applying wax to lift the hairs in place.
For Colored Brows: Apply Brow Seal after using brow tints, pomades or pencils to seal in color.
For Long-Wearing Brows: Apply two coats, letting the first dry before adding the second. This creates an extra-strong hold.

Natural Ingredients

NueDerma Brow Seal contains castor oil, a natural ingredient known to condition brow hairs and support fuller-looking arches. The brow boosting oil works to hydrate each strand, preventing dryness and breakage associated with waxing and grooming. Castor oil helps restore the brows’ natural protective oils stripped away by cleansing, leaving hairs nourished.

This product is also cruelty-free, vegan and made without harsh chemicals. The formula contains no synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our brow-enhancing products and your satisfaction. If you are not completely happy with the NueDerma Brow Seal for any reason, please contact us. Our helpful customer service team will make things right.

Achieve your best brows with this salon-quality clear brow gel wax. NueDerma’s Brow Seal tames, tints and sets brows in place for a natural, flawless look that lasts.


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