Makeup and Oil Blotting Sheets for Face – The Ultimate Blotting Paper for Oily Skin

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Tired of constant oil shine ruining your makeup and causing embarrassing facial grease? Want blotting paper that quickly removes oil without disturbing your makeup? Then you need our Makeup and Oil Blotting Sheets for Face – the ultimate blotting paper for oily skin.

With 300 handy sheets per pack, our oil blotting paper absorbs excess oil and shine from your face instantly, leaving you with a clean, matte complexion that’s ready for touchups and selfies. No more oily disasters with this blotting paper that truly works!

Key Features:

High-Performance Oil Control

Our blotting sheets contain a premium ultra-fine powder that immediately soaks up facial oil, grease, and perspiration. The result? A shine-free complexion that looks naturally flawless.

Leaves Makeup Intact

Unlike lesser blotting papers, our sheets are specially designed not to disturb your makeup. So you can blot away oil without messing up your look. Makeup stays vibrant and fresh.

Soft and Gentle on Skin

Silky smooth with a satiny texture, our blotting sheets feel gentle against your skin – no harshness or irritation. Blot away without worry!

Perfectly Portable

At just 2.1 x 3.2 inches, our blotting paper sheets are designed for on-the-go touchups. The handy dispensing pack fits easily in purses and pockets. Blot away oil anytime, anywhere!

300 Sheets Per Pack

With 300 sheets in every pack, you get maximum oil control for your money. Blot morning, noon and night without running out. Our sheets provide a great value for keeping oily skin clean, shine-free and photo-ready.

Say Goodbye to Greasy Skin and Makeup

Oily skin is a nuisance that can ruin your makeup and your self-confidence. Unexpected grease and shine can make you look sloppy and feel embarrassed. Now you can say goodbye to that worry with our Makeup and Oil Blotting Sheets for Face.

Our blotting paper quickly removes excess oil and perspiration from your skin, leaving your complexion looking fresh and natural. But unlike other blotting sheets, our premium blotter won’t remove or smear your makeup. So you can blot frequently to control oil without having to reapply cosmetics.

Just reach for a sheet whenever you see shine, and blot gently over oily areas. Our silky papers will soak up the grease without any tugging or irritation. Your skin will feel clean and smooth, with a matte finish that’s perfect for reapplying powder or touching up problem areas.

No more worrying about facial shine ruining your look! Our oil blotting sheets help you put your best face forward, anytime and anywhere.

Beauty Must-Have for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, blotting sheets are a handbag essential. Our Makeup and Oil Blotting Sheets for Face make on-the-go touchups quick and easy. Just slip the slim pack into your purse or pocket. The handy sticker dispenser frees up one sheet at a time, so they’re always at your fingertips when you need them.

Blotting frequently throughout the day is the secret to preventing oil buildup and those dreaded grease slick faces. Keeping shine at bay helps your makeup last longer too. Our handy portable blotting paper lets you remove excess oil for a photo-ready face anytime, anywhere.

Having oily skin doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a beautiful complexion. With our blotting sheets, you can control shine and keep your makeup looking like you just applied it. Minimize pores, prevent clogged areas, and eliminate unwanted grease and perspiration. Enjoy a naturally flawless look that lasts!

Premium Blotting Paper for Oily Skin

What makes our blotting paper so effective compared to other brands? It starts with premium materials engineered for superior oil absorption.

The ultra-fine powder we use quickly and thoroughly soaks up oil and perspiration without over-drying your skin. The silky texture glides over your face gently without any pulling or friction that could disturb makeup. Specially designed not to remove foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and other cosmetics as it absorbs grease and shine.

At 2.1 x 3.2 inches, our blotting sheets are 9% larger than ordinary blotting paper. This expanded surface area allows you to blot more efficiently and completely. No spots missed! The smooth satiny feel makes blotting a pleasure, not a chore.

With 300 sheets in every pack, you get maximum oil control between washes and makeup touchups. Blot away without worry about running out. We want to provide the very best shine solution for oily skin. Try our Makeup and Oil Blotting Sheets for Face to see effective blotting paper in action!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use blotting paper for oily skin?

Blotting is easy! Just remove one sheet at a time from the handy dispenser pack. Then gently press the sheet over oily areas of your face. No need to rub hard — a light touch is all it takes for the ultra-fine powder to absorb grease and shine. Blot your T-Zone or any oily spots as needed to remove excess oil without disturbing your makeup.

How often can you use blotting sheets on your face?

Our blotting paper is designed for frequent use. Blot whenever you notice excess shine, typically 3-5 times per day. Blotting regularly helps control oil buildup. Just be careful not to over-blot, which can dry your skin. Our silky sheets are gentle enough for frequent blotting.

Do oil absorbing sheets remove makeup?

Many low-quality blotting papers end up removing makeup when you blot. Our Makeup and Oil Blotting Sheets are specially designed NOT to disturb your foundation, powder, lipstick or eye makeup as they absorb oil and perspiration. You can blot away shine without having to reapply makeup.

Can you use blotting paper as dry shampoo?

Yes, our sheets work great as dry shampoo! Just blot them over oily hair and scalp areas to soak up excess grease and product buildup. Our sheets leave hair looking freshly washed. An easy dry shampoo solution for oil hair emergencies!

How long do opened blotting papers last?

Keep your Makeup and Oil Blotting Sheets in their resealable dispenser pack, and they’ll maintain effectiveness for up to 1 year after opening. Blotting on clean skin also helps sheets last longer.

Banish oily skin and embarrassing shine with our Makeup and Oil Blotting Sheets for Face! Say goodbye to makeup smears and blotchy grease with this skin care must-have. Get clean, photo-ready skin anytime, anywhere. Order now and get the beautifully matte, flawless complexion you deserve!


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