Demodex Eyelid Cleanser Pads with Tea Tree Oil – Deep Cleanser for Moderate to Severe Eyelid Conditions (30-pc Wipes)

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Experience Soothing Relief for Irritated and Itchy Eyelids with Oust Demodex Cleanser Pads. Formulated with natural tea tree oil, these pre-moistened eyelid wipes effectively remove oil, debris, pollen and eyelash mites that can cause eyelid inflammation and discomfort. The deep cleansing and soothing action provides relief while locking in moisture for supple, healthy-looking eyelids.

Soothe Itchy, Irritated Eyelids
If your eyelids often feel itchy and irritated or you notice flaking skin or redness, you may have eyelid inflammation caused by an accumulation of oil, environmental pollutants and debris. Another common cause is an overgrowth of Demodex mites, microscopic eyelash mites that live harmlessly on healthy skin. When their population increases, the dead mites and waste product cause inflammation, itching, redness and irritation. Oust Demodex Cleanser Pads are specially formulated to soothe itching and irritation by removing excess oil, pollutants, pollen and mites from the delicate eye area.

Natural Tea Tree Oil for Deep Cleansing Action

The active ingredient in Oust Demodex Pads is melaleuca alternifolia, the scientific name for tea tree oil sourced from Australia. For generations, the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil have been used to effectively treat skin irritations and promote healthy skin. The natural oil deeply cleanses eyelids while calming inflammation and irritation. After use, eyelids feel clean, fresh and soothed.

Convenient Pre-Moistened Pads for On-the-Go Use
Oust Demodex Cleanser comes in a pack of 30 convenient, individually wrapped pre-moistened pads. The textured pads provide gentle exfoliation to lift away oil, skin cells, environmental debris and eyelash mites from eyelids, eyelashes and skin around eyes. The no-rinse formula allows you to cleanse eyelids even when you are on-the-go or don’t have access to water. After use, eyelids are left feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

Safe for Sensitive Eyes and Daily Use

This eyelid cleanser is ophthalmologist tested and approved for use on sensitive skin around the eyes. The formula contains no added perfumes or unnecessary chemicals that could further irritate eyes. The pH balanced, tear-free formula is safe for daily cleansing. Reduce irritation and promote eye health by adding Oust Demodex Eyelid Cleanser Pads to your daily eye care routine.

From the Eye Care Experts at OCuSOFT

OCuSOFT is a trusted leader in eyelid hygiene and eye health education. For over 25 years, OCuSOFT has partnered with eye doctors to provide effective ophthalmic products to patients. The company’s founder, Dr. John Sheppard, is committed to researching and developing innovative solutions to promote eye health. OCuSOFT partners with eye doctors nationwide to distribute products to patients and provide educational resources. The ingredients for Oust Demodex Cleanser Pads and all OCuSOFT products are sourced, formulated and manufactured in the USA.

Experience Soothing Relief for:

Itchy eyelids
Flaky, irritated eyelids
Red, inflamed eyelids
Puffy eyelids
Eye irritation from oil and debris accumulation
Discomfort caused by Demodex eyelash mites
Key Features:

Specially formulated with Tea Tree Oil to soothe and deeply cleanse eyelids
Removes oil, dirt, environmental pollutants, pollen and Demodex mites
Calms irritation and itching caused by oil and mites
Pre-moistened pads for convenient use anytime, anywhere
Ophthalmologist tested and approved for sensitive eyes
Safe for daily use
30 large textured pads per pack
Tear-free, pH balanced, perfume-free formula
Made in the USA
How to Use Oust Demodex Eyelid Cleanser Pads:

Remove one pre-moistened pad from the pack.
With eyes closed, gently wipe pad across upper and lower eyelids, eyelashes and skin around eyes.
Discard used pad after one use. Do NOT reuse pads.
Use morning and evening for best results.

What makes Oust Demodex Pads different from other eyelid cleansers?
Oust Demodex Cleanser Pads contain an active concentration of tea tree oil, which effectively removes oil, debris, pollen and mites while also soothing inflammation. The textured pad provides exfoliation to lift away dead skin cells that can trap oil and irritants.

How do I know if I have a Demodex mite overgrowth on my eyelids?
Itchy, irritated, flaky or red eyelids can signal a Demodex mite overgrowth. The mites thrive on excess oil and skin cells around lashes. Overpopulation causes irritation as waste products and dead mites accumulate near lashes and glands. Oust Demodex Cleanser Pads reduce the mite population while removing debris and oil.

Can I use Oust Demodex Pads if I wear contact lenses?
Yes, you can safely use Oust Demodex Eyelid Cleanser Pads if you wear contacts. Make sure to remove contacts first before cleansing eyelids. Avoid getting cleanser directly in your eyes. Rinse eyes with cool water after cleansing. Do not reuse contacts without disinfecting per your eye doctor’s recommendations.

How often should I cleanse my eyelids?
For best results, use Oust Demodex Cleanser morning and evening. Consistent cleansing will reduce oil, pollutants, pollen and mites to prevent irritation and overpopulation. For severe irritation from mites, cleanse eyelids 3 times a day until irritation resolves.

Can my children use Oust Demodex Eyelid Cleanser Pads?
This product is only recommended for use in children under the age of 18 with guidance from a pediatrician. Proper eyelid hygiene is important for children prone to eye irritation and allergies. Check with your child’s doctor first before use.


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