Boxoyx Blackhead Remover Kit – 10 Precision Tools for Clearing Breakouts Hygienically

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Banish breakouts quickly and easily with the Boxoyx Blackhead Remover Kit. This 10-piece stainless steel extractor set allows you to safely clear pores and minimize acne scars from home.

Removes Various Blemishes

This pimple popping tool kit features 10 specialty extractors ideal for clearing up blackheads, whiteheads, zits and acne on the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. Clear complexion ahead!

Medical-Grade 420 Stainless Steel

Each precision extractor is crafted from 420 surgical stainless steel for durability and easy sterilization. The material is hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types without causing irritation.

Non-Slip Handle

The textured handle on each tool allows you to grip and apply pressure with precision. Safely ply blemishes loose without slipping for controlled extraction and less redness.

Minimizes Scarring

Using sterile extractors reduces the risk of scabs, pits and scars compared to picking with fingers. Apply proper technique to clear pores completely while minimizing skin trauma.

7 Dual-Ended Tools

You get 7 unique extractors with double-ended tips, totaling 17 different edges. Choose small or large loops, angled tips, spoon ends and specialty shapes for any blemish.

Portable Steel Case

The included case keeps the set neatly organized at home or on-the-go. Built-in mirror allows you to inspect skin closely for precise extractions.

How to Use the Extractor Kit

Sterilize tools before each use in boiling water or rubbing alcohol.

Open pores with a hot cloth or shower first.

Apply antiseptic to blemish and tools to prevent infection.

Gently press loop around blemish until it pops out cleanly.

Avoid excessive squeezing and pulling to prevent scarring.

Apply antibacterial toner after to prevent new breakouts.

Tips for Clear Skin

Never attempt to extract underdeveloped blemishes as this can worsen breakouts.

Disinfect tools properly before and after each use for hygiene.

Apply acne creams after extractions to heal and prevent bacteria spread.

Use a gentle skincare regimen to keep pores clear and minimize blackheads.

What’s Included

7 Dual-Ended Stainless Steel Extractors
Travel-Friendly Case
Instruction Manual

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our pimple popping kit with a 12-month quality promise. We’ll refund or replace any unsatisfactory pieces.

Key Features

Removes blackheads and acne
10 specialty stainless steel tools
For nose, face and forehead
Minimizes scarring risk
Non-slip grip
Travel case included
Clear up blemishes easily and safely using the Boxoyx Blackhead Remover Kit. The 10-piece precision set extracts breakouts hygienically in a snap.


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