Bold Masculinity Captured in an Aquatic Fougere Fragrance – Rasasi Hawas Eau De Parfum for Men

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Embody strength and vigor with the vibrant aquatic scent of Rasasi Hawas Eau De Parfum for Men. This modern fougere fragrance blends fresh citrus, fruity accords and aquatic notes to create a bold yet refined scent for the confident, masculine man.

The top notes burst open with invigorating Italian bergamot, sweet mandarin orange and tart grapefruit. A hint of spicy cinnamon adds warmth and depth to the citrus opening. As the fragrance transitions to the heart, the fruits turn more luscious with juicy pear and pineapple mixing with floral orange blossom and watery melon. An unexpected hint of violet adds a delicate touch to the robust scent.

The base notes create a sensual trail with earthy vetiver, creamy sandalwood and smoky grey amber. A touch of musk enhances the virile, masculine character of the composition. This addictive base combines freshness and depth for a well-rounded fragrance with staying power.

When to Wear It

This versatile aquatic fougere is perfect for day or night wear. The citrus and fruity notes make it ideal for warm weather and casual daytime activities. A few sprays in the morning will keep you smelling fresh even through the heat of the day.

As the sun sets, the woods, amber and musk notes come forward to create an alluring evening fragrance. It’s sophisticated enough for date night or a special event, yet retains its essential masculinity. The excellent longevity ensures you’ll still be surrounded by this bold, sexy scent when the night is through.

For the Confident, Modern Man

Hawas EDP was designed to capture a confident strength and vigor. This makes it the perfect signature scent for driven, successful men who embody modern masculinity. Young professionals, executives and entrepreneurs will all find this fragrance enhances their commanding presence.

While bold, Hawas still has a refined quality thanks to its skillful blend of citrus, fruits, woods and aquatic notes. It’s ideal for the man who balances ambition with sophistication. Wear it to the office to convey leadership, then transition to an evening look with ease.

This eau de parfum concentration provides excellent longevity and sillage. The fragrance announcement is strong without being overpowering, and the scintillating trail will linger for hours.

High-Quality Ingredients

Hawas EDP is crafted in the United Arab Emirates by Rasasi Perfumes, using only quality ingredients sourced from around the world. Italian citrus provides a burst of radiance to the opening. Precious woods like sandalwood and cedar wood add depth in the base.

You can trust Rasasi to create fragrances using fine materials that result in excellent performance. This artisanal house has been crafting distinctive perfumes since 1995.

Playful Romance in an Oriental Floral Fragrance – Rasasi Daarej Eau De Perfume for Women

Charm your way into romance with the playful femininity of Rasasi Daarej Eau De Parfum for Women. This flirty Oriental floral fragrance combines fruits and flowers with warm, ambery base notes for a multi-faceted perfume that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

The fruity top notes provide a burst of radiance with effervescent bergamot, sweet peach and a unique green accord. As the fragrance softens to the heart, the fruits mingle beautifully with romantic florals like jasmine, tuberose and orchid. A hint of soft, powdery heliotrope adds a retro touch.

Daarej’s base notes are a sensual mix of creamy vanilla, earthy patchouli, musky amber and warm sandalwood. The addition of caramel and vetiver give this ambery base a gourmand nuance. Tonka bean rounds out the composition with its sweet, balsamic aroma.

When to Wear It

This fragrance transitions seamlessly from playful daytime scent to romantic evening perfume. The fruity top notes create an effervescent, flirty aura perfect for date days or brunch with the girls. The white florals in the heart lend a soft, feminine air ideal for the office or daytime events.

As the warmth of the base takes over, Daarej becomes more sensual and seductive. A few sprays before an evening out will linger enticingly and make you feel gorgeous all night long. This romantic Oriental floral has great staying power but close sillage, so you’ll leave just the right mesmerizing trail.

For the Playful Feminine Woman

Daarej was made for feminine, flirty women who want a perfume that matches their playful charisma. The fruits and white florals evoke radiance and charm, while the warm, ambery base provides a sensual signature.

This versatile fragrance transitions seamlessly from innocent to more provocative. Young women will love its fresh, fruity vibes for daytime. But it also has an elegant depth perfect for romantic evenings out. Daarej is ideal for the modern woman who embodies multi-faceted femininity.

Expertly Crafted by Rasasi

Like all Rasasi perfumes, Daarej is crafted in the United Arab Emirates using quality sourced ingredients. The fruits and flowers feel lively and radiant, while precious woods, gourmand notes and musk provides sensual depth.

You can trust this artisanal perfume house to create complex fragrances with excellent longevity and sillage. Wear Daarej with confidence knowing it is made using fine materials for performance you can rely on.

Understated Elegance Captured in a Floral Musk Fragrance – Rasasi Shuhrah Eau De Parfum for Women

Radiate sophisticated grace with the feminine floral musk scent of Rasasi Shuhrah Eau De Parfum for Women. This understated fragrance opens with zesty citrus before blooming into a bouquet of white florals and settling into a gauzy base of musk and woods.

The top notes provide an invigorating start with sparkling lemon, herbaceous sage and tart bergamot. As the fragrance drifts to the heart, an enchanting medley of angelic white florals unfold, including jasmine, lily of the valley and iris.

The base notes create a soft, elegant trail with sensual musk, earthy vetiver, warm amber and exotic oud wood. Subtle hints of patchouli and sandalwood complete this refined base.

When to Wear It

Shuhrah’s delicate white floral heart and gauzy dry down make this an ideal everyday perfume. The citrus opening provides a radiant boost in the morning to start your day. The dry down is soft and inoffensive, perfect for close office quarters.

A few extra sprays transform Shuhrah into an elegant evening fragrance. The sensual musk and woods linger enticingly without ever being overpowering. This versatile floral musk works for any occasion.

For the Sophisticated, Elegant Woman

Shuhrah was designed for feminine, sophisticated women who appreciate understated elegance. The angelic white florals and gauzy musk base evoke graceful poise. This perfume enhances natural grace without being showy.

From the office to evenings out, Shuhrah provides tasteful versatility. It creates an aura of effortless refinement around women who embody grace, subtlety and taste. The floral musk scent flatters without overpowering.

Rasasi’s Floral Expertise

Like all Rasasi fragrances, Shuhrah is crafted in the United Arab Emirates using quality sourced essences. The natural citruses have radiant clarity while the white florals feel delicate and gauzy. Precious musk and woods provide an elegant finish.

With over two decades of experience crafting artisanal perfumes, Rasasi is adept at floral compositions. Their expertise is evident in Shuhrah’s graceful progression and seamless dry down. Trust this house to create feminine fragrances with exceptional grace and wearability.


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