Avon Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 oz

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Introducing the newly designed bottle of Avon’s iconic Rare Pearls perfume. This floral fruity fragrance evokes feelings of sophistication and elegance with every spritz. The delicate scent combines juicy fruits, precious florals, and warm musks to create an alluring perfume that feels both nostalgic and modern.

Top Notes

The perfume opens with effervescent top notes of Italian bergamot, juicy peach, and red apples. The burst of citrus and fruits instantly uplifts the senses, providing an energetic and lively start.

Heart Notes

As the fragrance transitions to the heart, delicate white florals come into focus. Lily of the valley, jasmine, and tuberose add a precious floral bouquet, with the jasmine imparting a sweet, honeyed nuance. There is also a whisper of almond blossom, adding a marzipan-like creaminess.

Base Notes

Finally, the base notes provide depth and sensuality. Sandalwood lends a rich, woody character, while hints of vanilla and musk add warmth and sophistication. The musk deepens the floral heart while the vanilla provides a smooth, velvety finish.

Fragrance Inspiration

Rare Pearls evokes the feeling of wearing your most treasured pearls. The name conjures images of luxury and classic beauty. This perfume is for the woman who wants to feel instantly elegant and graceful. The floral notes are reminiscent of a beautiful bouquet, while the fruits add vibrancy and joy. Truly a fragrance as precious and unique as rare pearls themselves.

When to Wear

Rare Pearls is perfect for daytime and evening wear. For day, it adds a touch of sophistication to your style. The fruits and florals are uplifting and energetic enough for the office or a weekend outing. For evening, it makes a graceful impression at dinners, dates, and special occasions. The lush florals and sensual base notes are perfect for making you feel graceful and alluring after dark.

Newly Designed Bottle

The iconic rectangle bottle of Rare Pearls has been updated with a sleek, modern design. The transparent glass allows the pale pink perfume to be visible and enhances the feminine sensibility. The silver cap is elegantly engraved with the Avon nameplate and accented with a cultured pearl. Overall, the new bottle reflects the luxurious essence of the fragrance within.

Be Transported with Every Spray

With every spritz of Avon Rare Pearls, you’ll be transported into a world of beauty, elegance, and sophistication. The gorgeous blend of fruits, flowers, and musks will make you feel graceful and confident. Experience the fragrances’ alluring sillage as you move throughout the day. Rare Pearls is a timeless scent that evokes nostalgia while feeling fashionably modern. Let this precious perfume become your signature fragrance for every occasion.


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