Avon Haiku Eau De Parfum Perfume Spray Set – 2 x 1.7 oz

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Escape to a Spiritual Garden Oasis with Avon’s Haiku Eau De Parfum Perfume Spray Set. This set includes two 1.7 oz bottles of Avon’s evocative floral perfume.

Top Notes of Citrus and Green Accents

The top notes of Haiku feature bright bergamot and mandarin oranges, as well as fresh and dewy green accents. This gives the fragrance an initial burst of sunny radiance. The citrus notes in Haiku are tart yet sweet, reminiscent of freshly sliced oranges on a bright spring morning.

A Floral Heart of Jasmine and Lily

As Haiku dries down, the fragrance reveals its sumptuous floral heart. This is where the jasmine comes forward, imbuing the scent profile with its heady, romantic richness. Jasmine is known for its intense and narcotic floralcy. Here, it is complimented by the delicate presence of lily. The lily adds a touch of green freshness and light sweetness to offset the indolic nature of jasmine.

Soft Musks and Precious Woods

The base of Haiku is warmer and richer, with sensual musks and precious woods taking center stage. The soft, velvety musks wrap the florals in a cashmere-like embrace. Meanwhile, the woods – including teak and sandalwood – ground the perfume with their earthy richness. The woodsy notes are smooth and subtle rather than sharp or astringent.

Inspired by a Japanese Garden

Avon designed Haiku to encapsulate the essence of a spiritual Japanese garden. Like walking through a bamboo forest to find an ancient shrine, Haiku carries a sense of silent reverence. Despite the citrus opening, this is an introspective and mysterious scent at its core.

Ideal for Everyday Elegance

Haiku is beautifully versatile enough for everyday wear. The floral heart is delicate rather than cloying or overpowering. Applied lightly, Haiku becomes an invisible fragrant veil. The citrus and green notes also give Haiku a clean, refreshing quality. The floral heart and soft woods also make it sophisticated enough for evenings.

Graceful Bottle Design

The bottle design echoes the minimalist elegance of a Japanese zen garden. The curved silhouette represents the bridges over tranquil koi ponds. The opaque white color symbolizes smooth pebbles or purity. The overall look is understated yet quietly luxurious.

A Unique Floral Scent

While many perfumes today are fruitchouli or vanilla based, Haiku offers something different with its lush florals. The jasmine is given space to fully bloom, unhampered by sticky sweet gourmands. For those wanting a unique and authentic floral fragrance, Haiku is an excellent choice. The green and citrus notes also help modernize the floral heart.

Perfect for Layering

The set of two bottles provides the opportunity for scent layering. Try spraying Haiku Lavishly over pulse points. Then apply Haiku lightly all over as a mist. This creates an intoxicating floral bouquet that lasts all day. The two bottles mean you always have a backup when you start to run low.

Long Lasting Formulation

Haiku utilizes quality ingredients and excellent tenacity. The fragrance lasts 8 to 10 hours on average. The sillage is also nicely diffusive without being overpowering in close quarters. Just a couple sprays create the perfect floral cloud.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind Haiku as a memorable and satisfying floral perfume. Each set of two bottles comes ready to gift in secure packaging. Try Haiku risk-free today. If you are not completely happy, return it for a full refund.

Add a touch of Japanese serenity and minimalist elegance to your fragrance wardrobe. Escape into your own spiritual garden oasis with Avon’s Haiku Eau De Parfum Perfume Spray Set today!


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