Add Dazzling Beauty with NOOEPC Face Gems – 660 Rhinestones for Eye, Face and Body Decoration

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Sparkle and shine wherever you go with the NOOEPC Face Gems set! This kit contains a whopping 660 self-adhesive acrylic jewels in four versatile sizes – 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. Use these gems to create eye-catching makeup looks and decorations for any occasion.

Whether you want to add some extra bling to your festival outfit or need an easy way to make your Halloween costume stand out, these reusable face jewels have you covered. Stick them above your eyelids for a unique eye shadow effect or use them to decorate your cheeks, temples and décolletage – the creative possibilities are endless!

Dazzling Rhinestones for Endless Creative Potential

With 660 gems divided across 3 sheets, this set provides all the materials you need to let your creativity run wild. The assorted sizes allow you to experiment with different placement options and looks. Use the smaller 3mm and 4mm gems to form delicate outlines and patterns or grab the bolder 5mm and 6mm jewels when you want high-impact shine that really turns heads.

Whether placed meticulously in intricate designs or scattered randomly across your skin, these acrylic jewels inject any look with a heavy dose of glamour. Let them bring a fun, flashy element to your music festival attire or use them for a bold and dramatic costume makeup look.

Reusable Skin-Safe Adhesive Keeps Gems Securely in Place

NOOEPC’s face gems feature a reusable skin-safe adhesive that keeps them securely on the skin. Each gem can be worn, removed and re-worn multiple times without losing its stickiness.

The strong adhesive ensures the gems stay firmly in place, even if you’re dancing up a storm all night long. When you’re ready to remove them, simply use the included tweezers to gently lift the jewels off. The adhesive leaves no sticky residue behind.

Once the glue dries out, just add a small dab of eyelash adhesive to reactivate the stickiness. With this clever reusable design, you can enjoy these face jewels again and again.

Versatile Uses Beyond Face and Body Decoration

While these gems are specially designed for eye, face and body decoration, their creative applications extend far beyond skin. Here are just a few more ways to use these pretty little jewels:

  • Decorate phone cases and laptops for a bedazzled look
  • Adhere them to greeting cards for added pizzaz
  • Use them to embellish handmade jewelry, hair clips and other DIY crafts
  • Stick them on nails for sparkly manicures
  • Create bedazzled tattoos by applying them to temporary tattoo paper
  • Use them for kids’ crafts and art projects

With 660 gems to spare, you’ll have plenty to share for decorative crafting projects and activities.

How to Apply NOOEPC Face Gems

Achieving show-stopping looks with these face jewels couldn’t be easier:

  1. Start with clean, dry skin that’s free of moisturizers, makeup and oils. This helps the gems adhere properly.
  2. Plan out your design and select the gems you want to use. Use the included tweezers to remove the jewels from the sheets.
  3. Gently press the gems onto skin, holding for 5-10 seconds to secure the adhesive backing.
  4. To remove, lift the edge of the gem upward with tweezers rather than pulling straight off. This prevents damage to the adhesive.
  5. Gently press again to re-adhere the gems. When adhesive loses stickiness, apply eyelash adhesive to reactivate.

With these simple steps, you’ll be embellishing your eyes, face and body with gorgeous gems in minutes!

Dazzle Any Occasion with NOOEPC Face Jewels

Bring some extra sparkle and personality to any occasion with these reusable acrylic gems. Liven up lackluster costumes, add unique flair to your festival wear, or simply treat yourself to some everyday glam – the possibilities are endless with 660 gems at your fingertips!

Stock up on everything you need to create one-of-a-kind looks in one convenient set. The NOOEPC Face Gems collection provides excellent value with plenty of gems in must-have sizes.

Let your creativity shine by decorating your face like the star you are. Order your set today and get ready to dazzle!


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